A session with Me- by Mistress Bluebell

A very common misconception that potential clients seem to have is that I offer full sex as part of my services. Rather than complain about that for an entire blog, I thought it would be beneficial to describe the kind of experience one could actually expect if you get private time with me.


I view my sessions as a chance to perform, an opportunity for me to act as self important and entitled as I want without a hint of irony. I have found that I am a little more manic than most dommes I’ve spent time with, tending towards dancing around my subs as I abuse them, sometimes singing to myself and sometimes giggling if they are giving me funny reactions.


I am quite versatile in the roles I like to play but I certainly have preferences, I really enjoy playing my youth aggressively in scenes. Almost all of my subs are significantly older than I am and having someone who looks cute and vulnerable, at least at first glance, take full control with a sadistic lack of remorse is quite the juxtaposition of behaviour and aesthetic which can be a real mind fuck for them.


One of my favourite archetypes is the traditional strong female mistress, usually dressed in dark coloured latex and leather, occasionally donning a mask that partially covers my face allowing me to show my expressions,  yet add an air of mystery. I adopt a much more mature tone somewhat inspired by Elsa Mars from American Horror Story. It all adds up to a calmer session overall.


Allow me to shed some light on what actually happens in a session with me. Of course it does vary a lot depending on the sub but there are definitely some activities that come up a lot. Bondage generally comes up in some form or another and while not everyone is comfortable with the full restriction seen in mummification,most end up having at least some of their movements restricted. A good portion of subs find the humiliation of a young girl fucking them with a strapon or shoving a butt plug inside them to be quite  enjoyable and I must admit that the squeals are highly entertaining.


Pain. There always seems to be another new and interesting way of hurting someone, from the unearthly crackling of a violet wand to the incredibly base act of spanking. Not everyone enjoys being hurt and when they do it often manifests in different ways. Having hot candle wax dripping down your back can invoke sensual feelings along with submission whereas caning a subs feet is usually a purely brutal experience. I often like to mix pain with other sensations, a gentle scratching down the inner thigh to get them tingling and then suddenly a smack to their unsuspecting ass to shock them back into their place.


How and when I choose to inflict pain depends a lot on my reading of how the scene is feeling at the time. If most of the time has been quite freeflow and relaxed I might go for some sort of pain game with strict rules for the sub, say they must complete a task effectively or else receive 10 canings. But if the sub doesn’t react well to that kind of hard structure I’m more likely to turn on some music and time my spanks and flogs to the beat whilst mixing different implements in now and then.


Sometimes subs have roles that they are hoping to play, I personally adore pets and sissies. There is a lot of light hearted fun to be had with such areas of kink, seeing an adorable puppy come over to me with a dildo in its mouth that I’ve thrown for them to fetch is such a wonderful sight that I doubt I can ever tire of. In much the same vein I can’t help but squee at a frilly sissy with a wet diaper waddling around.


So hopefully I’ve given you all a clearer idea of what a session with Sephie might be like.

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