• Sissy Manor March Event- by Mistress Luci

      I cannot believe Sissy Manor was just over a week ago!!! I also cannot believe this time last week we were battling the snow, ice and Siberian winds either. The weather scuppered My plans a little, but Cinderella made the ball ha.   So the original plan was for Myself, Mistress Sakura and Mistress […]

  • Mistress Baton Touring in Stockport/Manchester!!!

    We are pleased to announce that Mistress Baton, a South African Mistress, will be touring at Stockport Dungeon next week! Dates available are Thursday 1st March to Saturday 3rd March.   Mistress Baton loves latex and will be bringing a couple of her favourite catsuits along. She loves latex worship, boot worship, spittoon play, face […]

  • My ‘Mistress Face’- by Mistress Luci

    When I first started Mistressing there were many things I had to learn. It was daunting but very exciting also!! It wasn’t just technical things like flogging safely, how and where to insert needles or the areas to aim for caning, but psychologically also. Learning that it is not just what happens in the session […]

  • Sensory Deprivation and Sensation Play- by Mistress Luci

    Sensory Deprivation is a very controlled and intense type of session to which I enjoy very much. Taking control of body and mind and literally owning you in a very different way. A sense is a way in which the body provides the brain data. Humans have a multitude of senses, the 5 main traditional […]

  • Sissy Manor Extravaganza- By Mistress Luci

    Wow wow wow I am still buzzing after the fabulous Sissy Manor weekend!!!!! So where to start? I had the invitation to the December Christmas themed Event from Mistress Haven a couple of months ago. I was like ‘Hell yeah!’. I had heard a little about Sissy Manor but immediately it was on My radar. […]

  • A session with Me- by Mistress Bluebell

    A very common misconception that potential clients seem to have is that I offer full sex as part of my services. Rather than complain about that for an entire blog, I thought it would be beneficial to describe the kind of experience one could actually expect if you get private time with me.   I […]

  • Session and Dinner date by Mistress Sakura

    Dinner Date with Mistress Imagine meeting me for dinner in a luxurious restaurant. My choice, of course. Somewhere quiet and discreet with a selection of exotic foods. You take my coat and pull out a seat for me, making sure I am comfortable before taking your own seat. We exchange pleasantries while waiting to order. […]

  • Financial Domination, My views-By Mistress Luci White

    I just want to state that this blog is about Me. It’s about what I offer, My thoughts and My views on Financial Domination (FD). It is not a dig at anyone who offers FD/FinDom either Professionally or Amateur based. So the way I start of most research is to find the definition of a […]

  • Testimonial for Princess Lucina

    Today was not the first time I had sessioned with Princess Lucina. I first came across her web site about six months ago and from the moment i saw the pictures of her clad in her SS Uniform I was captivated. After an exchange of emails I arranged a visit. It was wonderful. Everything and […]

  • Mistress Luci & Mistress Sakura Kidnap Roleplay

    Ever had a fantasy where you are taken without choice to a remote location by two beautiful women? Interrogated to confess all your deepest, darkest and perverse secrets??? Let’s explore……………… you have broken down, your phone is on 1% plus you have no signal! you flag down a passing car, two females phew, after asking […]

  • Re-vamped website by Mistress Lucina

    Welcome to My re-vamped website!! With over 12 years experience I was the first Mistress I know to coin the phrase ‘sensual sadist’ and that describes Me perfectly. I can be very harsh, pushing your boundaries to the extremes, taking your further and further each time and I do have quite a reputation for that. […]