• Sensory Deprivation and Sensation Play- by Mistress Luci

    Sensory Deprivation is a very controlled and intense type of session to which I enjoy very much. Taking control of body and mind and literally owning you in a very different way. A sense is a way in which the body provides the brain data. Humans have a multitude of senses, the 5 main traditional […]

  • A session with Me- by Mistress Bluebell

    A very common misconception that potential clients seem to have is that I offer full sex as part of my services. Rather than complain about that for an entire blog, I thought it would be beneficial to describe the kind of experience one could actually expect if you get private time with me.   I […]

  • Session and Dinner date by Mistress Sakura

    Dinner Date with Mistress Imagine meeting me for dinner in a luxurious restaurant. My choice, of course. Somewhere quiet and discreet with a selection of exotic foods. You take my coat and pull out a seat for me, making sure I am comfortable before taking your own seat. We exchange pleasantries while waiting to order. […]