Latest Information- So far, We are still open; with some changes

Hello everyone


We hope you are all well and if not We send Our best thoughts.


Quick blog just to let potential clients know what is happening. So We are still open. The Government have not closed down ALL small businesses and until they do We will continue to offer a place for Our Mistresses to work. This is to allow choice for both them and you.


That said there have been some changes to what specialities are on offer.


There will now be NO:

  • Spit Fetish
  • Watersports, either on body or face
  • Forced Bi
  • Or anything that will increase bodily fluid contact, or close face to face contact

Allowed in the Dungeon. The Mistresses may also add other specialities that, for now, they no longer wish to offer.


This is to protect the health of Them, you and anyone you both come into contact with.


The Dungeon equipment is cleaned after every use. All toys are always used with a condom and cleaned. Surfaces are always wiped down. A full clean is done at the end of every day the Dungeon. All towels are washed after each client. All clothing used ie, panties, etc, is washed after each use. Gloves, wipes, cleaning spray, sanitiser and alco hand gel is on offer and always used. The showers are cleaned after each use. The toilet is bleached after each use.




DO NOT VISIT if you feel unwell, have been around anyone who is unwell or you live with or come into contact with anyone who is vulnerable. If you need to cancel for these reasons speak to your Mistress and arrange either another appointment or a cancellation.


These are uncharted waters W/we face as a Community and a Country, so W/we all need to work together and follow the advice that is being given.


From Ourselves and Our Mistresses, a huge THANK YOU for past, present and future support!!!

SD x