Meet the Mistresses……………..

Welcome to the Mistresses of Stockport!!!!!



Princess Lucina has over 13 years of experience and although she loves severe play and pushing limits, she also get a lot of satisfaction and pleasure from spending time and helping the novice or inexperienced submissive.

What Princess Lucina loves most is the connection and the chemistry which can exist between a Mistress and her slave.

If you want to experience the best you will find in a Manchester Mistress then look no further.


Manchester Mistress Courtney offers BDSM sessions for men who like to explore their submissive side by worshipping their Mistress.

Demanding and strict, yet seductive and soft, Mistress Courtney is often classed as ‘Posh Totty’. Manipulative, pampered, naturally dominant, you will respect Mistress Courtney and do as She says of course.

Obedience will earn you encouragement and treats. Manchester Mistress Courtney loves what She does and always get what She wants from men by using Her mind and body.


A mischievous, seductive and sensual Dominatrix. Behind the looks of an Angel is a sadistically intrigued Dominant determined to make your dream turn into a painful or humiliating nightmare.

Her skills and experience ensure any slave who enters Her lair will undoubtedly find themselves on an intense journey.

Alongside My deliciously cruel streak, She uses Her beauty and body to tease and coax Her adoring slaves. Ensuring that most amazing balance between pleasure and sufferance.



I am a Professional Mistress, I provide sessions Down South and will now be taking sessions in Manchester.

My natural beauty yet sadistic sense of humour will lure you in begging me for more.

With many years experience from sensual domination to ball crushing creativity, I enjoy seeing just how much you will take for me.


My style ranges from soft and sensual domination, to severe horrifying humiliation.

If you are deserving of me – I will make sure you are receiving the strictest and highest standard of domination.

Honour my hourglass body, and sweet smile. My legs and big bottom will have you weak at the knees.


Mistress Rabbit is a new, yet powerful Female Dom. Originally from Cheshire and now based in South Manchester. Currently under the guidance and watchful eye of the amazing Princess Lucina and Mistress Luci White. Learning from their wealth of Dominatrix Experience.

Naturally Dominant Mistress will take the lead, and guide you on a journey of self discovery in the most pleasing yet disturbing way. Always best to discuss prior to your meet exactly what you would like from Mistress Rabbit’s session. Naturally bubbly and kind humoured leading up to when we begin the session.


Welcome to the world of Mistress Sadie, allow me to intoxicate your thoughts and release your inner pervert with my power and beauty.

I am an authoritative Amazonian Goddess who enjoys the control that giantess fetish “Macrophilia” gives me, also using my subs/slaves as my own ashtray or footstool are also personal favourites.

I particularly enjoy pushing you safely into a trusting bond with me to explore your kinks and desires.


I Love to humiliate my submissives: puppy play, controlled masturbation, penis humiliation and degradation …. Mmmm….

And let’s not forget urethral sounds, corporal punishment, role play, incarceration, bondage, boot worship, nipple torture and many other exciting ways I can dominate you.

Submit to me and you will have no doubt who is in control as I use my fertile imagination to take you on a journey to the darkest, most intoxicating depths of your mind.