My Journey into Mistressing – By Mistress Jessica Rabbit

I have always had a love for PVC, Latex and Leather wear for along as I can remember and also a desire to be powerful, Dominant and in control. For years I have found ways to get this release and sometimes even with people in my everyday life had been unlucky enough to have the brunt of it from me. I was asked to do a couple of fetish shoots on Purple Port and absolutely loved the attention, having my makeup and hair done, wearing PVC for the first time felt amazing and I instantly felt at home yet very erotic when I was in these clothes for the shoots.


I came across a wonderful mistress in Halifax, I followed a few amazing Dominatrix on twitter: Mistress Lucina, Mistress Luci White, Mistress Tess to name a few. I stumbles across Mistress Eliza Lou from Halifax she invited me over to dungeon for a chat and to take some photos, what an amazing lady, so warm and funny! she helped me out so much for where to go next. I now knew i wanted to become a Dominatrix, I inboxed Princess Lucina and Mistress Luci White of Stockport dungeons (which was my closet dungeon) and they gave me so many tips of where to start, they said they would train me through doubles sessions I was amazed at their kindness and generosity.


Ill always remember my first session with Princess Lucina, What a Domme! A wealth of knowledge, we had an amazing Puppy Play session with one of her Submissive Puppies, I came out of that session feeling on a huge high, knowing I had made the Client happy too.


Further sessions followed with Mistress Luci White who has helped me immensely, we’ve done all sorts from Humiliation sessions, to working at Sissy Manor with her in March. It really has been a truly wonderful journey and I thank the above Dommes for their kind hearts in helping my achieve my goals.


I now session regularly from Stockport Dungeons, I am truly having the time of my life at the minute, I leave my sessions feeling liberated and happy. The PVC, Latex has really become a constant part of my time in the dungeon I don’t session without it. I love the job I do and the amazing Subs and Slaves I get to spend time with.


Hopefully I will see you soon on a session!