Testimonial from Paul

A year after my previous Mistress decided to hang up her whip and move onto pastures a new, I took the plunge to search for my new Mistress. But where to begin? It was going to be difficult, after all, I had reached a level of trust and respect with my first Mistress that she was happy to drive me to the train station after our sessions. Starting from scratch once again was the reason why I had waited so long to session till this point.

I started my search by researching those mistresses that enjoyed and took an interest in my particular kink, namely Cbt and chastity training. I whittled my list down to a few Ladies based on their experience, websites and twitter feeds.

Mistress Luci is a beautiful looking women, but what drew me in more was that smile, a smile that makes you want to smile. A smile that says, I really enjoy what I do during my day. With a touch of trepidation, I sent off my initial email, and awaited a response. I was pleasantly surprised when Mistress Luci responded within the hour, thanking me for my well written email and inquiring when I would like to visit her at the Stockport dungeon.

Before I knew it that day was upon me, and I was having those same doubts and worries that plagued me before my first ever session five years ago. I suspect many submissives can relate to that moment in time. I would say to all individuals who have never had a session but have reached the stage of contacting a mistress, please push through those doubts and worries… I promise it will be so worth it.

Within five minutes of being in Mistress Luci’s company I was at ease and questioning why on earth I had waited so long to take the plunge and session once more. I had so much fun mixed with a dose of pain during that first session that I was literally giggling like a child. Which I suspect was due to the endorphins pumping through my body caused by Mistress Luci’s expert touch. She knew when to push me and when to hold back and allow me to enjoy the experience.

Mistress Luci is not one to clock watch, after our session I was offered a cup of tea and biscuits to assist with my come down from the adrenaline and endorphin rush I had just enjoyed. Your safety is of paramount concern to all Mistresses. Safe Sane Consensual is the byword within the BDSM community and your limits will always be respected by Mistress Luci.

I believe that I have found my Mistress and am now committed to her and her alone. I have been placed in chastity for the last five weeks, and will happily remain in chastity until Mistress deems it time to release her property. If you too are looking for your first or new Mistress, I would highly recommend that you reach out to Mistress Luci and allow her to make your fantasies a reality.


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