The Black Widow- by Mistress Lavinia

Mistress Lavinia.. The Black Widow
Blonde and cutesy, wrong. Allow me to correct your misconceptions, tall blonde curvaceous naturally dominant intelligent independent and strong, I born to dominant men. Having a deep fascination with BDSM from the fetish clothing to the power of inflicting psychological torture upon another human is an art, which only the very few can actually do.
In the fetish arena I feel anyone can simply spank whip and cain, I wanted to achieve a craft which goes beyond this I wanted to get into the minds of my clients and take ownership, you could say puppet on a string. It’s a craft I have studied tremendously hard to perfect, what I have is an unsurpassed level of BDSM.
I take great inspiration from mighty historical Queens such as Elizabeth The First and Cleopatra among others. I base my deminer as high and unattainable thus presenting the ultimate essence of female supremacy, power and control over men with a modern twist of fetish.
I have mastered and enjoy all techniques of BDSM. I’m a perfectionist and the session is very real to me not just role play I take it very seriously. I do enjoy reading emails prior to the session to ensure the fantasy becomes a reality, and have a good understanding of the clients mind prior. What happens in the chambers is the beginning of an obsession under my control and command ownership is instant, the clients obsession to prove and please runs as deep as handing me their sole in which I begin to mold to serve only one, me. To become obsessed with the mistress IS what a mistress is all about, and is my unique ability..
All wishing to book you must uphold your worth of gruelling torturous sublime BDSM you will ever experience.