Princess Jessika

Manchester Mistress

I am Princess Jessika, a young lifestyle and pro-domme Mistress based in London.

I am a Professional Dominatrix, and offer not only live sessions but also online and over the phone.

The world of BDSM has always interested me, and when I was 18, I met by chance my first slave (who still serves me) and I fell naturally into this world. I love the power and self determination it gives me, and the freedom to be myself.

I am a true sadist, an dominant Mistress, but also I believe that it is important to have an empathy, a connection between Mistress and slave to have a succesful scene together.

I get great pleasure doing movie clips and see the roleplay involved as an extension of the roleplay I use in sessions. You can view my clips here.

Please note that I do not offer sex or any sexual services; I am a Dominatrix.

Manchester Mistress