Old Fashioned Cell

Stockport Dungeon – Old Fashioned Cell


largecellA Large ‘Old Fashioned’ jail cell (approx 9ft 6in high, 9ft long and 9ft wide) is INESCAPABLE!!! Featuring:

  • Ankle/Wrist Restraints (Leather and Metal)
  • Bondage Chair
  • Crops and Floggers
  • Electrics (Penis, Pussy, Anal)
  • Electric Nipple Clamps
  • Gags (Ball, Bits, Inflatable, Jennings)
  • Hoods (Latex, Leather, Sensory Deprivation)
  • Straight Jacket
  • Winch (Suspension) and Floor Attachment
  • Wall Shackles
  • Wrestling Mats
  • Click this to feel what it is like to be a prisoner